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Main Street Visioning Results and Next Steps

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 8:52 AM | Anonymous

Thank you to everyone who filled out the Visioning Questionnaire in May and June! We had 331 responses from residents, business owners, property owners, employees, visitors and nearby supporters of East Atlanta Village.  We are thrilled with the input and ideas that you all shared. 


  • 77% of participants want to be included in East Atlanta Main Street information via email. 
  • 84% of the participants are residents of East Atlanta. 63% are customers and 52% are property owners. 
  • 41.8% feel very included where 55.5% feel somewhat included in EAV. 
  • 81% travel to EAV by foot, 74% by car and 33% by bike. 
  • 61% who travel to EAV by car park on the street outside of the business and almost tying around 41% people park on residental streets and parking lots not knowing if the parking lot is for one business or for everyone. 
  • Overall variety of businesses, 58% and outdoor patios 57.9%  are the top two design items that contribute to the overall look and feel of the village with historic buildings, unique storefronts and murals all tying around 40%. 
  • 70.3% think it's very important to save the historic buidlings like the Madison Theatre. 
  • 66% believe the  MOST IMPACTFUL in preserving EAV's unique character, improving visitor experiences, and best support local businesses is preserving restoration and re-opening of idle storefronts and the historic Madison Theater.
  • 94% of participants are most familiar with the East Atlanta Strut as a nonprofit in East Atlanta with EACA at 86%, EABA at 71% and East Atlanta Kids Club 61.5% and Neighbor in Need at 55%.
  • 57% believe that hands on community projects would make it easier to get involved in our community organizations with text alerts at 42%. 
  • An average of 52% of participants volunteer their time, make cash donations and are members of East Atlanta community nonprofits. 
  • Only 21% of the attendees take advantage of the resources that EABA and EACA provide the community where 41% don't know where to find them. 
  • 30% said that they could contribute through cash donations and volunteer their time as board members. 

See all the charts from the questionnaire here. 


We will continue to dive into these results and create a work plan for East Atlanta Main Street that centers on what YOU as community and business members want. As a Main Street startup with the City of Atlanta, our focus for this year is to complete our affiliate accreditation so that we are a full-fledged Georgia Main Street in 2023. With the Main Street accreditation comes so many opportunities to amplify our small business district with a focus on design, organization, promotion and economic vitality - especially through a historical preservation and inclusive lens.  

To all those that completed our questionnaire and helped us create a VISION that supports the design, organization, promotion and economic vitality of EAV - THANK YOU!


With the generous support from Councilmember Bakhtiari, EABA was able to match gift card donations with a purchased gift cards from members. 

We awarded 28 winners, 28 prizes valuing over $1300. 

See all the winners here. 

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