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  • 10.25.22 | Rideshare in EAV!

10.25.22 | Rideshare in EAV!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 3:58 PM | Anonymous

UBER + LYFT have been set up to drop-off & pick-up at 4 locations in East Atlanta Village. If you use a rideshare during peak times you will be automatically routed to one of the 4 rideshare locations marked with 'Loading and Unloading' signs. 

  • Locations: Glenwood + Joseph, Glenwood + Haas, Flat Shoals + May and East Atlanta Fire Station 
  • Peak Times: 5PM-5AM Thursday through Sunday

This rideshare geofencing only applies to the peak times listed above. During non-peak times you will continue to be routed directly to your specific location. Every business located within the East Atlanta Village district boundaries is within a 1-3 minute walk from one of the rideshare zones. This is for the increased safety of all passengers and pedestrians utilizing the business district during peak times as well as traffic alleviation. 

It is imperative for the efficacy of this initiative that you DO NOT park in front of the 'Loading and Unloading' zone signs in the Village. Signage will be updated over the next couple of weeks to clearly define that these zones are for passenger loading and unloading


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