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Intown Cares | Contact East Atlanta Case Manager

Thursday, November 16, 2023 11:37 AM | Anonymous

Contact instructions from East Atlanta's case manager Michael Nolan of Intown Cares:

Thank you to Eastside Church for hosting our community training event where Liliana Bakhtiari and Michael Nolan of Intown Cares discussed the new pilot program and who/how to contact help when the need arises. If you missed it, you can view the entire conversation HERE.

The image attached to this post includes the new telephone number to reach Michael for all things related to his role in East Atlanta. You may text or call, but please be aware that he am rarely able to answer telephone calls and you will likely need to leave a voicemail. Please continue to tag Michael Nolan on FB when relevant issues are brought up in the group, but be aware that this is not a timely or reliable way to reach him, nor is Facebook Messenger.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you are in a situation that is threatening or dangerous, call 911 immediately.

When you text the number above for the first time please send your full name (and business affiliation, if you have one) so Michael can add you as a contact. This will make communication much faster in the future should you need his assistance.

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