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#filmEAV Update | The Wrong Man

Thursday, March 07, 2024 9:20 AM | Anonymous

Filming will be taking place in and around Motor City South all day/evening on Sunday, March 10. Please note that Haas avenue will be closed to through-traffic, but driveway/homeowner access will remain in effect. You can access the full Haas closure docs HERE.

The Wrong Man is a feature film production. "Fresh out of law school and looking to make waves at her new firm, young lawyer VIOLA JANUARY works nights to a pro bono case to free a man she believes was wrongly accused of kidnapping a young woman. But after a victory in court, Viola discovers that the truth is more complicated than she initially thought when she becomes the next target of the real killer..." Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this picking up for our friends in the filming industry!

Full Details

Location Details: Motor City South Auto Shop
Filming type: Standard Filming on Location
Preparation and clean up time required: No
Shoot start: 03/10/2024 10:00 AM
Shoot end: 03/10/2024 11:30 PM
Number of Crew (Including Cast): 45
After Hours Activity: Yes
Please provide details: We will be shooting outside the auto shop and on the adjacent road at night.

Shoot Information
Describe in detail the filming activity that will take place at this location: We will be shooting scenes inside Motor City South, outside MCS, and on Haas Avenue. These are simple dialogue scenes, and some driving shots. Small scale unit with one or two technical vehicles

Lane / Street closure (location): Yes
Please state the start and finish point of any street or lane closure (e.g. Union St between 5th Ave and 10th Ave): Hass Avenue from Metropolitan to Glenwood.
Lane / Street closure (type): Yes
ITC (Intermittent Traffic Control)
Other (please insert details): We only need ITC to shoot our scenes as a van drives up to the auto shop.
Police presence: Yes
Please provide details: ITC
Community notification: Yes
Describe the steps that will be taken to notify affected residents and/or businesses: We will drop flyers in advance notifying neighbors of the filming activity.
Production Vehicles on Set: Yes
How many production vehicles will park in the reserved spaces: 3
Describe the steps you have taken or will take to notify affected residents and/or businesses of your filming activity: We will drop flyers in advance notifying neighbors of the filming activity.
Describe in detail any important information that you think we should know about your planned shoot.: This is a very simple straight forward shoot, with some basic ITC support needs.

Emergency contact on set
Name: Mark Sunderland
Mobile phone: 404-545-4149
Email: markwsunderland@gmail.com

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