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Paid Parking Proposal | 5.21.24

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 5:12 PM | Anonymous

The following is a proposed community paid parking plan from Brandon Richardson of Village Fitness. There have been no votes or determinations and this is currently in the proposal phase. All feedback and input is welcome from business and community members! 

"Good Afternoon,

In preparation for the EACA Transportation Committee meeting on 5/23/2024, I am submitting the rough plan for a Community Shared Parking/Shared Revenue Plan, a Community Shared Parking Agreement (Draft), and a third-party Parking Management Company Report (Sample).

Again the proposal revolves around the implementation of a Paid Community Parking Agreement during peak hours (Thursdays - Sundays, 7 PM - 2 AM). This agreement would allow for a third-party parking management company to operate on private property in the East Atlanta business district via a web-based parking management application.  With the shared revenue/shared parking functionality of the agreement, the community would benefit by the increase of available parking in the business district through economy of scale and management, the revenue raised by the community/business organizations and the revitalization of the business district as a commercial destination through improvements funded by net parking revenues. The key components of this proposal include:

  1. Paid Community Parking Agreement: We would like to see a change in the NC-2 Parking Code to allow for a Paid Community Parking Agreement during the specified hours. This agreement would enable private property owners and businesses to participate in a structured parking arrangement during peak nightlife hours.
  1. Community Support: To ensure that our community benefits from this initiative, we propose that 20% of all proceeds generated from the Paid Community Parking Agreement be allocated to the East Atlanta Community Association. This financial support will be invaluable in enhancing the overall well-being of our community, and we aim to work closely with the association to determine the best utilization of these funds. In addition to supporting the East Atlanta Community Association, we also wish to allocate an additional 20% of all proceeds to the East Atlanta Business Association.  We believe that this added revenue could be used fund local initiatives such as Intown CaresGeorgia Works, and other community-based Public Safety, Streetscape, and Beautification programs that have a positive impact on East Atlanta that would keep East Atlanta community members/shareholders safe and better served.  To qualify to become a community shared parking shared revenue partner, the business owner would first be required to guarantee shared community parking during all hours not outlined as high utilization hours per the agreement.
  1. Data: The Analytics-driven, User-friendly, Cloud-based functionality of the Web-Based Application gives us a a proper Business Intelligence tool that accepts and works with multiple data sets. That is key to having real data that is usable and can be presented in a visual format that community members/stakeholders can see, take in, and make informed decisions with.
  1. Resource Management: More Available Community Parking.
  1.  Economy of Scale - A Business Owner that opens a Private Lot that would otherwise be closed to Paid Noncustomers of that Business - increases the total # of available community parking spots.
  1. Management - When parking is free, people may be more likely to leave their vehicles parked for extended periods, resulting in a shortage of available spaces. Paid parking encourages people to park for shorter durations, leaving when their window of time has expired, facilitating turnover, and subsequently a better flow of traffic. 






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Village Fitness- EAV 

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