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  • January 21, 2020 Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Monday, January 27, 2020 7:23 PM | Anonymous

Attendance: Scott Doss Wellness, Argosy, Park Pet Supply ,Keller Knapp Commercial Real Estate,The Highlander School, Killshot Media, Daniel Moore Studios, EAV Runfest, Layton Consulting, Queena Enterprises, Hawes Oil, Lumen Grant Park, Friends of East Atlanta Library, EAV Strut, Furside, Big Daddy Biscuits, Grantlanta Lawn, The Glenwood, Sperry CGA, Joe Price Design, Clarity At Work, EACA, EACA Transpo, Screenfixing.com, Paint Sip Social, M.A.B. Culinary, Kommune, East Atlanta Copy Center, Original Baby




Thank you to: Keller Williams: Carlen Ruth Hultgren,  Helix Cleaning Services, Paint Sip Socialize, A Sound Proposition, Furside, M.A.B. Culinary, East Atlanta LLC, Big Daddy Biscuits, Argosy and Media Terror Alert for providing the food and drinks!  SPONSOR 2020 Meetings NOW

6:20-6:30: Introductions  Name, Business Name, how long have you been in East Atlanta?

6:30: Organization Update

  • Done: Incorporation- Reinstatement of East Atlanta Business Association from previous registration and Bylaws  In Progress: 501 c(6) paperwork and bank account. 

  • Atlanta Main Street Fellowship: MOA is signed. $5000 stipend will be to EACA by the end of Jan. to be held in our EABA account until we have our bank account. 

    • Stipend to be used for Mobilize Main Street: Thomasville GA: March 3-5 and National Main Street Conference: May 18-20 in Dallas Tx

    • Uber/Lyft Drop off and Pick up Locations.  Where do you think would be best locations? 

      • ideas

        • 3 spaces outside of Argosy

        • Dental property north of Flat Shoals

        • East Atlanta church and fitness center

        • First Iconia and Eastside church

        • Long John Silvers

        • Glenwood Ave on the street past Motor City or at Motor City

        • SE corner of Flat Shoals and Metropolitan

        • Midway -3 parking spots 

        • Former Fluff and Em florist

        • Brannan Towers

        • Have geo-fence up to a certain time

        • Adequate lighting, proper signage

        • Post office can be a place where drivers can position themselves

        • If one is full, can we slot them to another place

        • Suntrust lot

  • EACA officers for 2020!   EABA board members will cover months of EACA and NPU-W meetings.

6:40-6:55: Committee Reports

Film Liaison: Armando Celentano: Argosy    | film@eastatlantabiz.com

  • East Atlanta Filming Guidelines

    • Does your business want to be listed as a preferred vendor?  Email film@eastatlantabiz.com

      • Signage, Catering, Wellness, Etc..

        • Send your service offering to Armando at film@eastatlantabiz.com

    • $2000 in donations from filming/murals  to EACA and EABA in 2019. A few outstanding. 

  • Conversation about Submitting East Atlanta to GA film association. 

    • No opposition; Armando to present to EACA

    • Need a photographer to do wide area shots- Daniel Moore Studios offered. 

    • Individual businesses can enter themselves... 

Marketing Committee: Branding EABA + Community Input: Joe Price, Traci Sampson & Meg Snyder

  • Results from Branding exercise in November:   Keywords     Marketing questions

    • Unique, diverse community : Three key words

    • Next meeting, they will present some EABA logo options and style guide

    • Thank you for all who participated in the marketing exercises last year. Based on your input, the EABA Marketing Committee will create a brand (logo and style guide) that will represent our unique and diverse community. 


  • It is our goal to create a brand that celebrates our independent, local businesses while representing them well to the larger metro-Atlanta consumer base. To do this, we are pursuing a comprehensive solution that would consistently represent East Atlanta as a whole, EABA and other East Atlanta entities (should they choose to participate). 

FYI: Public Safety: Chair: Kevin Harris: Paint, Sip Socialize      publicsafety@eastatlantabiz.com

  • FYI: EABA Camera Mapping Program!Sign up here

    • Fill out the form, upload screenshots of your public right of way facing cameras and we create a map of all cameras with contact info! We then share this APD. No live footage!!

6:55-7:05: New Business

  • EAV Run Fest: Saturday March 28 @ 10am

    • Logistics: EAVrunfest@gmail

    • Starts at Argosy and goes south

    • Street closure Closing Flat shoals from Metropolitan to Glenwood from 9:30 - 12:30pm

    • If you have a business on Flat shoals and have questions, concerns and/or suggestions send email. 

    • Discuss delivery designation areas 

7:05: EABA Membership: Co-Chairs Lauren Janis: Big Daddy Biscuits and Vicki Park: Park Pet Supply

Sign Up To Be An EABA Member: Online at EastAtlantaBiz.com or at the meeting. 

Bring a check made payable to East Atlanta Business Association or send $ to hello@eastatlantabiz.com via PayPal.  Will have automated payments once we get our bank account in February. 

  • Multi-Property: ANNUAL-$500 Property owners with multiple properties and management companies of district areas or complexes located within the EABA boundaries.

  • Property- ANNUAL: $300.00 Property owners and management companies of district areas that own or manage ONE property or complex located within the EABA boundaries.

  • Restaurant/Bar : Annual - $250.00 Restaurants with an alcohol license operating within the EABA boundaries.

  • Storefront: Annual-$150.00 Businesses that are walk-in or by appointment services located within the EABA boundaries. This includes food service businesses operating without a liquor license.

  • Home-based businesses- $100.00 Businesses operating out of a residential or co-working property located within the EABA boundaries. This includes individual real estate agents.

  • Non Profit- Annual- $50.00 (USD) 501c3 nonprofit organizations located within the EABA boundaries

  • Affiliate: Annual- $50.00 (USD) Businesses of any type located outside of the EABA boundaries with a vested interest in East Atlanta. (no voting rights)


Sign up for your membership during the networking! Bring a Check or Credit/Debit Card!

7:15: Adjourn Meeting:  Membership Sign Up + Networking until 8pm 

Networking: 7:15-8:00PM Thank you to our JANUARY  Networking Sponsors! 

Submitted 1.22.20  by Secretary Asiaa Karriem


About EABA

EABA strives to create cohesion and communication between businesses, residents and City of Atlanta to preserve the history and integrity of East Atlanta Village.

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