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Small Biz Saturday

  • Friday, November 24, 2023
  • 5:00 AM
  • East Atlanta Village

Support Small Business

The East Atlanta Business Association (EABA) encourages you to think about how you can support a small and local business in East Atlanta today! And remember that #smallbizsaturday is coming up on Saturday, Nov 25! 

Did you know that every time you buy a coffee from the neighborhood coffee shop, grab a gift from a local store, or get your electronics fixed at ScreenFixing, you're doing more than just making a purchase? You're creating a ripple effect of positive change right here in East Atlanta! Here’s how you can be a local hero not only this holiday season, but every day:

1. **Shop Local:** Take a stroll down Flat Shoals or Glenwood and pick up something that catches your eye. About 70% of every dollar you spend stays within the community—how’s that for local impact?

2. **Dine Local:** Enjoy a meal out at a locally-owned restaurant. Savor the meal and the knowledge that you’re helping keep our community’s culture and cuisine vibrant.

3. **Use Local Services:** In need of an electrician or a car detail? The EABA members directory has a number of local experts. Opting for local services supports our neighborhood’s skilled workers and business owners.

4. **Share on Social Media:** If you're not looking to spend today, you can still make a difference! A simple like, share, or follow can significantly impact local businesses. Give your favorite local business a shout-out online. Your recommendation could introduce someone else to their new favorite spot.

5. **Leave Positive Reviews:** Good reviews are gold for small businesses. If you loved the service, tell the world. Those star ratings and warm words mean a lot to a small business owner.

While our tone is positive, the stakes are real—without community support, we risk turning our vibrant village into a series of impersonal big-box retailers. Supporting local businesses isn’t just about the goods and services; it's about investing in East Atlanta’s economy, jobs, and the distinctive community that we cherish. How will you show some love to our local businesses this holiday season?

 - Nate Minor, Owner of ScreenFixing and President of EABA

About EABA

EABA strives to create cohesion and communication between businesses, residents and City of Atlanta to preserve the history and integrity of East Atlanta Village.

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